This is a quick walk through of a simple starter template for Expo projects.

It works on iOS, Android, and the web.

It includes:

  • Navigation (with React Navigation v5)

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Things can get… funky in React Native. Here’s how to start fresh and reset a React Native app cache.

There are a lot of things in play in a React Native app including:

  • NPM/Yarn
  • Cocoapods
  • Watchman
  • Metro bundler
  • React Native
  • iOS Build
  • Android Build

When things start to get weird/unexpected…

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Fetching data from a remote source is a must in just about every app you’re going to build. Unfortunately, fetching data is rarely as simple as just fetching the data and rendering it. A few things to consider:

  • What do we do when we’re waiting for the data to load?

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Reanimated 2 is a hyper powerful library that all the cool kids use but has always been a bit of a blackbox to me… I saw the power of it but was overwhelmed by the API.

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Learn how to use the core TextInput component to capture user input via the keyboard.

React Native Bootsplash

If you’re coming into React Native development from a web background you may be intimidated by using a full blown IDE like Xcode. Today I’d like to give you a run down of how to use this super powerful tool.

You won’t need to use it often but, as they…

I spend a lot of time working with Rfeact Native. My primary interface with my code is Visual Studio Code. The most common question(s) I get on my YouTube videos are always related to my editor…

“What theme is that?”

“How did you get it to autocomplete like that?”


I use Spotify a lot. In the mobile app the home screen allows you to scroll both vertically (across different groups) and horizontally (within a group). Here’s how I do the same in React Native.

Below is a demo of what we’ll end up with. It allows you to render…

In this video I walk you through 3 different ways you approach writing tests in your React Native app when context is involved.

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